Saturday, December 26, 2009

We are Social, absolutely.

It was an evening family get- together, everyone was appropriately dressed to the occasion, the food and the conversations were full on. Observantly and willingly, I for a moment thought of detaching myself from the ecosystem of the evening.

I could see brightly lit faces, everyone was upbeat, lot of sharing was happening around, besides food, a lot of information and experience was being transferred.

Suddenly it struck to me, though everyone was wearing the brightest smile, but somehow “happiness” was missing.

By definition and by nature we are social. We enjoy the presence of people around us, we have different strength of families, joint or nuclear, but still they are families. To encourage this our mornings are scheduled in parks, afternoons in offices, and evenings with friends and family or an occasional get-together. Some who prefer to stay aloof are often viewed with a frown and a set of visual questions.

Right from the beginning we are encouraged to be with friends and spend some time, all the more, if one is not so inclined. It is customary to have a circle of your own. It is so deeply embedded in our behavioral conduct that, at times it gives me an impression that, maybe it is an enforcement more than it being a choice. And if that be so, then why, what is the objective like….?

Is it like to keep one away from loneliness…okay…but then what harm could it do to one..? Only one would get more to time to spend with one’s self, and one gets to think…. And that is okay…..So are we like discouraging self thinking, as it could probably lead to radical thinking, which would obviously be different from current set up. So are we like promoting the “comfort zone”, where in all and everything supposedly suits us, but why so. Is it actually for the greater good?

But on the contrary one feels most c o m f o r t a b l e , p l e a s e d , s a t I s f I e d , e v o l v e d , a t t a c h e d when one is all by oneself, often alone.

One feels such when one is leaning against the balcony admiring the canvass of the sky, or on rooftop feeling the breeze, or your face cupped in your own palm staring at so busy world and seeing nothing, or hands folded against one chest and a sigh in your breath, or admiring the free moves of a kite in an open sky, or smiling at a kid busy in its own world.

Eventually unable to figure it out explicitly, I appreciate the difference between belief and acceptance.

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