Monday, December 21, 2009

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Sometimes I wonder, why I always try to assign or align an event with an event.

As a young boy, in junior-middle class, obviously, it would have been nice to wear a wrist-watch, but I don't know why I made an agreement with my self, that I would ask for it, when I would clear my class tenth, and honestly, I had no qualms about that agreement. It was as close, as if I deserved to wear a watch, if only I did well in my results. Now I am glad I did well, else it would have been my cell phone, helping me out with time
tracking.....but what if were not able to "earn" that either...!

How good or justified it is, as a logic, I have no clue.
Am I to find the reason in my upbringing, family, culture, nationality, ethics, I have no interest either.

So, by the same line of thought, Anubhav and I had decided, post our last exam we would go for a movie, more importantly, my first ever movie outing with a friend.
It was 1999...and yes we were struck heavily by the SRK syndrome, most part of my generation is,may be was, then.

So it was KKHH, both of us, on his cycle, in our school uniform, minus the was close to formals, to think of it today, went through with the show. Post show, it was all praises and discussions, right from the specific frames, general acting, the " 7 letter letter" angle, the entry, the twists, " that " look, little khalsa, " toota-tara " , friend-ship bands, anjali's we analyzed everything, and of course,the most famous..... " you won't understand " .

Now all this till we got on the bicycle. Then on, when it started "rolling" and I could feeling the wind in my face and through my hair, with the sun, yet to show up, it wasn't long before I started with the songs, and Anubhav often joining me in between, where all he could catch up with the lyrics, and as an effect the bike was like meandering along the road, and that was more fun, only till it took a sharp turn and I had to choose between my elbow and face to get scraped by the road, and I guess I made the right choice to bring me back to the real world.

But it wasn't that bad, the movie-effect was potent enough to see me through the accident and the pain. The movie hangover outlived the pain, for sure. Today when I hum those songs, it all comes back...the same old a smile.


  1. Oh Boy!!!.. This blog brought me a nostalgic feeling.

  2. AS much as I enjoyed the outing, and so the ride and all the more writing it up. I sure had very clear visuals to help me with my typing...:)