Friday, December 18, 2009

Travelling Mannerisms.

Just for the record, for most of my travel, I am thankful to Indian Railways, State Bus Transport, sometimes Volvo, DTC, and cab drivers.

This one is for the railways :

Think of travel, and not to expect adventure is very unlikely. Courtesy all the great stories my friends happen to share with me, and they continue to do so. At times, I could not help but think, that am I the only one who travels on the wrong day, wrong train, wrong compartment and in the wrong company, all the time.

During most of such story telling sessions, every time a raconteur emerges and takes over the session, and is most proud of his description. The energy and the passion with which one describes such " fortunate " events (that's what people like me would call it), it all lies in his eyes.

And yeah, that person just couldn't be lying, one, look at him he appears so much involved, and two, you wish it were you.....!

No matter how many stories you come across, any two would never be the that's encouraging in a way. And the best part is that, they are NOT at all gender biased, the equation has to be balanced, there is a boy and there is a girl.

Now let us come to measure the impact this has delivered....yes it has.

As a consequence of these stories, it has not only kept a lesser fortunate class of travelers hopeful, but has also led to the development of certain mannerisms among them...which are acceptable.

  • Your friend drops you at the station and he is equally " eager ".
  • Besides saying goodbye, he smiles and winks....and so do you.
  • You check out the passenger list, and your seat number is not the only thing you keen at.
  • Now you realize the second important meaning of the " F " word.
  • To follow the F you have the figures, yes, the other meaning.
  • Rug-sack besides you can be " up-loaded " or " down-loaded " as the situation demands.
  • Positioning of your rug-sack, is sure a language for you, you want to convey a message.
  • General security concern forces you to carry out an inspection of the compartment, if not the full train.

Finally, you utter those tough words.....may be next time. Hope Lives...


  1. Yaar too good yaar.... Muaah...Puppy tere ko..Kya likhta hai...Dil ke armaano ki kitab khol ke... Saare dard zinda kar diye bhai tune...uff...

  2. mia...aakhir hain to ek hi kashti ke sawaar...:)
    Cheers to the sufferings..too...:)