Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Read enjoy.

They are soft, they have the curves and they are very smooth.

To begin with they are a bit hard and reluctant but within a short span of time and some treatment , one can sure tame them. All they need is a little warm up, and there they are at your service...all yours...!

Be it any time of the day, if there is something you can think of at any hour and every hour...its just them. May be we have taken them for granted.They have been around for a while now, and they are always there for us. And the best part is .... it doesn't take too much time. Its doesn't take long with them and in a short while you are done with them.

Come to think of it, there are times, majorly post sunset, when you wished so much for them, if only if they weren't around then. Here comes another winner, they are actually not so hard to manage. And they are a big hit among younger people and are often enjoyed in groups. Although, oldies too would hate to give them a miss, simply because they are so convenient.

I, courtesy, my academy days, have an altogether different, emotional and more than important attachment with them. But being a junior or a senior I think I have "managed" them well. If it were not them, I would have missed a lot in my academy life. I could well call them my savior, at times.

Just imagine, you are almost craving for them and there they arrive, all dressed up, glowing, adorned with accessories.....Smoking Hot....yeah...literally....! more than often they are accompanied by a fork and a spoon........yes our very own .......Maggy Noodles.

I guess I am hungry now..............

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