Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guilty and not so proud of it.

Many a times, when you get a chance to be in a situation when you walk, and walk not with a purpose to fulfill any obligation, errand or any such objective like a rush to class, get some stuff.
The beauty of such walks is that, you don't plan or schedule them, its only in the midst of the walk you tend to realize that this is one of those times....and that is the time when you are not are walking besides your so very own and lost self.

Such walks are often naturally complimented, there could be light drizzle around, or a cool breeze or even an interesting canvassed sky. Well converse could also be true, it depends.

So, in such walks, when one is oneself, the respect for the ambiance around automatically increases and so does the respect for the nature and humanity.
Now incidentally not many lives around you would not be in the same frame of mind then, and consequently the carelessness of a life towards another saddens you.

The blame in such scenarios, for a change, starts from self and when one allocates enough reasons to ensure a clean chit for oneself, it transcends to others and then on to system. But here, you never get that clean chit

So you are walking, and you come across an elderly figure his posture and attire speaking for his helplessness, no he's not a beggar, his eyes say so....and those eyes just couldn't lie, he doesn't even stretches his arm for alms, but its only him who knows how badly he needs it. That hesitation says it all, if only he could have a chance to speak to someone about what all he has been through, but who has the time.

Now that's the action part, which so pregnant with meanings, pain, suffering, longing, anger and repentance.... without a bulge.

Now for the reaction part, one has only two choices, practically speaking, one turn a blind eye and walk away, two offer some alms.
Now consider the two choices to one, framed by our "experience and learning" are they really worth being called a choice...?
They are mere excuses of getting away from the situation, one free of cost other would cost you few quits.

I feel so helpless and ashamed and angry of my own self, that somebody who is scientifically 99% same as me can be forced to suffer like that, why ...there must be stories of broken trust, I am sure.

You walk away, or you offer some quits it's just the can't even look him in the eye.

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