Saturday, December 12, 2009

Virtual Relief.


Being oN LiNe.....

Yes, today we have the pleasure to live in a more developed, advanced and conducive society.But then why is the need, or demand, if I may, for more freedom and expression, higher than ever.

The reasons I shall not delve in to, now.
But yes the consequences are sure to be thought upon.

Virtual presence today, is the means to be. One's virtual avtar is not just an imagination, but it is actually a decent way to bridge the gap between what one wanted to be and what one becomes, courtesy various peripheral but embedded constraints, which are sowed in us as a debt, to which we pay till we live.

Surprisingly, in today's context where issues like loosing "human-touch" are the probable concerns, one's physical social circle appears nothing infront of virtual social circle.
One reaches out to greater number of people on line than in person.

You think you need a haircut, gone are the days when you would go to a hair dresser, all you need to do is to change your profile picture. Today you have a different emotion on you than the one on the day prior,and you want your people to know about that, and you know they care and it does matter, change the picture with the appropriate facial gymnastics. Be it a new dress,accessory or any possession, all it take is a few clicks.

And its just not the display quotient but its equally effective at interpersonal material or emotional transactions. The communication means, the language, is pretty similar to the one you have been taught, while you developed your resume, but the effect and the impact is wonderfully different and immense.

The semantics of the language is strikingly different. Here the texts and the symbols do not have latent meanings, and hence the scope of being misinterpreted diminishes.
One look at a profile would inform you how much one wanted to be such, than one is now.

Its a joy to know that there exist a channel where in one can channelize one's to be and could be's. If only it weren't such.
Its more like fostering two self's. One where you are busy carrying out obligations (repaying debt) and the other where you are just yourself.


  1. I read smwher dat evry single persn contributs in shapin' d histry of der times..
    Gud to knw dat u'v decided to do smthn memorble each week n live lif wid meanin'.. ;)
    This mnth u started writin', nxt mnth u'll start gym n nxt mnth perhaps, fall in luv.. :)

  2. :)..if only things were so schedul-able...:)
    Well as they say...go with the flow...!

  3. Very well written. I have read about this quite a lot of times, but not so well written as by you. :)
    True, the social media is actually creating more distance among people than keeping them in 'touch'.
    Even then, it is a necessary evil as the dependence of people today on the internet is very high.
    The point you have raised as to the consequences is something everyone should read and understand.