Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leap of Faith.

It was on of those cold winter mornings in February, in Delhi, when it used to be really cold...in 2008, unlike the following winters.... Global Warming is a sure thing.

I got back from work pretty early, the prior night , for I had to catch an early train to Bangalore next morning. I was hoping to catch some good sleep...well that's the idea like. But my logic has always been to translate my traveling time into sleeps, for most of them have been very far from interesting, unlike what most of my friends had....in fact all of them.

So a friend of mine was kind to pillion me to the station, and the only thing I didn't have on me was a quilt on bike....it was so cold. After carrying out customary rituals outside the station, I moved in.

I was enjoying the fact that I have so much time to board the train, courtesy some near misses and thrills, I shall put up later.

It was some Karnataka express I had to take, and on the platform there was only one, and it said Karnataka express. So I hopped on, it was kind of vacant, just a few individuals in the whole compartment. In about 15-20 mins it moved, the initial thrust were cajoling me into the sleep deeper. But, just like that, I thought to have a glance at my ticket. And lo..! for my train to start..... it was still 15 mins.

Then I realized what it really means to be clueless. I had already started considering options, while I planted my rug-sack on my back. Options like pull the chain, how far is the next station, do the two trains follow the same route at least till the next stop and yes... jumping out.

These are the situations which demonstrate the speed and capability of your mind.....so never ever doubt it, it is pretty sharp actually.

So to start with my rescue, I went to a gentleman, I don't know why, because I knew it all, may be I required assurance...I don't know. So he said something, which actually meant, I have got it all wrong and this Karnataka express goes to Chennai instead, and then he smiled.

I wish I had more time to react to his smile,but next moment I was at the door. Thoughts were rallying in my head, it's not a mind anymore. The train had picked up speed, all I was considering wast to take the leap or not. Finally, not long after, I thought I should, and I pushed myself out and before I could reach ground on the parallel track. Some more thoughts brushed across my mind....yes the Thought Process is that quick.

In my junior classes I had interest in Physics so I had an idea about statics and motion and inertia, and those examples guiding you how to direction or position yourself when you get off a moving vehicle, it all came to my mind and I had enough "mental-time" to realize that I was all so wrong in my applied physics and finally closed my eyes.

And then it was the thud on those pebbles, my rug-sack saved my back, train speed was probably at the threshold, critical speed, which could have caused any muscular damage, but I could sure see the stars. And take the embarrassing walk to the platform, where I feelt like everyone is staring at me only, and wondering where am I coming from.


  1. I hope d dreams will tk wings again.. lol ;)

  2. Got no choice either...they hate being grounded..:)

  3. Well, I had a similar experience here in Mumbai. I boarded a local at 11:45 PM and called a friend of mine whom I have to meet. As he was guiding his location, I suddenly realized that I've boarded the wrong train. And by virtue of Murphy's Law no sooner than I realized this the train started moving.
    And mumbai locals cathes speed vry fast. I started thinking what to do. I had 2 options, either pick a train from next station or jump. Considering the fact that from next station I had to catch a train back to where I started
    and then go to another station, as basically I was on the wrong station, I was reluctant to explore this option. So the only option was to jump.

    Thanks to my adrenalin pumping at the right time, I jumped from the train with one hand holding the phone and other holding the shopping bag. The train was fast enough so I lost my balance and did a full body skate on the platform and then a sudden stop. I stood up, my jeans torn apart my left hand and shoulder bruised but I didn't felt any pain. I owe it all to the state in which I was at that time.... I was DRUNK.

  4. hey anubhav...notwithstanding the pain, that was a one good one.....where are they who say one can't do much under influence...I am sure you out did yourself...that was ,sure, bold.
    I could actually picture you, in air, above platform, besides train, both arms busy.. a nice 3-D shot it is...and funny too...:)

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