Saturday, August 6, 2011

You There...!

With you,
I go places,

With you in my dreams,
They become omnipresent,
and take me far and long,
sometimes to long-lost forlorn,
and at times to the hustle-bustle.

I sit atop, and find you...
in the clouds, in the mountain wind,
in the depths of forsaken pristine valley,
in the heights of immovable mountains,
Perhaps and may be, I find you at will...!!

Everywhere I go,
my fingers entwined into yours,
they never let go...

I sit atop,
A shiny, shapely, melancholy dew,
with a remarkable sensitivity,
in an altogether different tandem with gravity,
as close as to defy it...
glides and precipitates on me,
I watch it for long,
and then I smile,
as I see you in there,

The arms unfold,
the head is thrown up and back,
so that I could see you up there,
all over...everywhere...!
I am pulled to the ground,
and I oblige, most willingly,
Lie unwind-ed, yet engulfed in you...

And I remain...and you remain,
Right there, Right then.


  1. Beautiful... and that's the only word that comes even close to describing it.
    Coming straight from the heart and reaching the heart. :)