Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thinking...not so waste.

Thinking...does transform.

I thought, my request for:

That toy,
That dress,
That game,
That book,
That party,
That friend,
That career,
That girl,
That college,
That job,
That venture,

Would not be accepted,
and it wasn't.

And I also thought,that:

I might pass that exam,
I might get in that college,
I might get that job,
I might get that life,
I might get those friends,

And I did get them.

Now, besides the above two categories,

I think I have enough,
Which I didn't thought about,
Received un-wished,

Its been more than fair,
It always is,

And so shall it be.
May be that's the script.


  1. hey its great yaar... accepting what we have is one of the greatest kind....