Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pretty Classic and Very Regular

You have been around,
If not always,then at least when I wished..

There were times and spaces, when only you were around..
There were instances, when I had created time and space just for you..!

All this while,
You stood quiet,
You didn't blame,
You didn't claim,
It did humbled me.

With you..
I am at peace,
I am myself,
I am, what I wan't to be,
I am, what I couldn't be,
and may be what I can not be.

With you around,
As already articulated,
I have three strongest forces of nature,
at my finger tips:- light,fire and smoke.

With you, I think, I can be what I would not be.
With you, I think, I could think what I never could.
I wonder what all did you seed in me,
a new thought, a new feel, a new emotion,
or a new Man altogether.

You are my choice,
A choice I made..
against all instructions,
against all advices,
I, too, have patronized you.
But it would be unfair to equate, I believe.

After all, it all ends in Ashes and Smoke.

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