Saturday, February 26, 2011

Left closet.

Its a small closet up there..
not often visited, though..
neither by me, nor by many.

Dimly lit, but filled with fragrance,
Resplendent with the brightest colours,
and lighter shades..!

Nothing arranged in here,
Stuff just lies in this room,
Just as it was placed first,
All it carries, is a "time-flag"..
Primarily for chronological reference,
and an ephemeral "feel-it-patch".

Small windows, act as a sieve,
to filter in some light and air,
light and air of most exquisite class.

But, its a little strange configuration..
the outside voice doesn't really get in,
probably, filtered out as "noise".
and the inside voices, they stay...!
they echo and reverberate.

There are no doors, though.
One could just be there, or not.

In here,
crouched on the chair..
I have seen people leaving..
and I have ignored people knocking..
I am guilty,
and I am proud of it as well..!

Its my flesh and blood,
on the left side of my frame it rests.

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