Sunday, December 19, 2010

Words Love

Its a little dark here,
and its a little dark everywhere.

Its just you and I around.
and there is something for you.

I want to make words just for you.
Offer you words,
words which would,spread you on the bed,
words which would, run up your thighs,
words which would run down your neck,
and trigger a chill through your spine.

Words which would arch your back like a bridge,
and let the emotions engulf you, drape you,
Words which would bring all your emotions, to your mouth,
transform them into words, fill your cheeks, swell your cheeks,
but your lips shall not part, and they shall not be heard.

Words which would fill your eyes,
roll a tear down,
which would run down your cheeks,
and find salvation on your lips.

If those words could love you,
love you like no man could.


  1. you are getting better n better....
    this one is different and words are kept right places and the flow is maintained... good work....@

  2. ahem ahem :p
    article _ _ _

  3. i feel that u r a very romantic guy .....