Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yes Please...!!

Yes, is important.
For us and for our lives.

On first thoughts,
One could imagine, that one's life, is pretty much determined by the Yes'es one has earned, and for all practical purposes, Yes'es are more celebrated and cherished.

So, with this pretext, when I look back, in life, and the farthest I could see, is I pleading my mother to buy me the "police-like-dress", which if bought, would have defied the very logic of buying dresses, notwithstanding the strength of my desire to posses it.Of course, it was a No, and an emphatic one !

Next, was my proposition of buying me a bicycle, supposedly, to commute to school, but the geographical proximity of my home to the school, facilitated another heart-breaking No.

And, yes, all these No's were adequately substantiated with logic and reason.

And today, I can't help but attribute it all to my current thought process and general reasoning, thankfully.

Seemingly, the whole journey has been fraught with No's, may be that would explain the celebration of Yes'es.

:- There were No's for Dairymilks, Parley-G's, Cornetto's, GIGO's, Mario, Super- Commando Dhruv's and Nagraaj's, the He-Man, Ducktails, Uncle Scrooz, and even Shaktimaan wasn't spared. I have also had No's for movies, cricket, (playing or watching).

:-Then there were weird No's to visit the roof or even the balcony, I sure could never reason them out.

Its funny, there was a time, when I knew, I had a 'No' coming up, but I, still... would not hesitate in exercising my right to express...:)

:-Then there was a crystal clear No' for the "The Guitar". ( I was in my teen when DDLJ happened.)
:-A similar No, for a bike. ( I wasn't too old when DHOOM happened.)

:-Spoken No's for friends and birthday parties.
:-Unspoken No's, when I used to hover around the central table in the "drawing-room" and guests being served all kinds of delicacies.

:-I have had loud No's, standing beside an asleep friend, with a bucket of water.
:-The quiet No's were many in number, post exams..!!, short lived, though.
:-Well mannered and diplomatic No's after interviews.
:-The "self-served" No's, courtesy, one's principles, morals or fears, may be..!

They were always around.
They are the milestones, they are the grooves, which probably shape one's life,
and on them depends the final hue.

Today as I look back, I can't imagine myself without them.
I am, in hundred gathered sense of the word, grateful to them.

No, Thank you...!!


  1. masterclass..... after all of your posts..... this one has earned you a fan...
    thanks & cheers!

  2. Hats off to this particular post...
    Well recollected, well put.

  3. How did i miss this one, but i am glad i did, atleast i know i ve the chance to find something new here. And the "No's", pretty much ve defined you , i must say :). Beautifully written