Saturday, October 30, 2010

The coloured divide.

To some I am beautiful,
Some just like me,
for some, its a mere utility,
and for some, it just doesn't matter.

But conclusively, its just their perception..
which they unassumingly, try to align with my existence.

I, hinged, to a support...(every-one has one)
unfurl myself..cascade myself.

I have two worlds on my either sides,
I am the divide..

I have my hues..
I have my shades..
I have my ripples,
I have my riddles,

I reflect,
I deflect,
and I absorb.

I can hide,
I can show,
I can guide,
I can obstruct.

With air I can create magic..
I can swell, I can swirl..

I can hide you..
You can hold me..
I can, just be touched..!!

I be unfurled or roped...
I'll be there, till I be replaced,
with just another Curtain..!!

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