Friday, February 19, 2010

Lets Fall.

Up here it is pretty lonely...all we wait is for our release and the great decent.

And when it begins everyone welcomes us with open arms, and we too can’t hide our joy, we glow...

Pretty short lived we are, but the pleasure we obtain and deliver, beats everything.
Our ends are equally varied in nature; there are just about no limits to the possibilities.

We add color to the world, we light up faces with a reason to smile and what can beat the manifestation of one’s prayer being answered. We live and die. But what we infuse is life in its most beautiful version.

And in our haste to reach our destination we just don't miss to enjoy the pleasure of the journey. We Live. We are pampered by the breeze, we are greeted by the sun or the moon for that matter, while everything else waits ...

Up here when we are about to decent, people might just say, "it might rain today".

And there we go...not knowing where we might end...we just glide…to glory.

Mountains are like waiting for us to blanket them, they are humble, they don't say much....just stand there, firm, unperturbed, like’s when we touch them, then we get to know how they feel.

Seas and rivers are more forgiving, like mothers and sisters, where every drop is acknowledged and absorbed, like every child is seen and heard, it’s like a chuckle when the divine meet happens. On the water surface, it’s like a party going on, so many figures, so many shapes, often like crowns, it’s pretty noisy there, much like a reunion.

Trees and vegetation are our siblings, it’s like they raise their face up to hug us, and with all our pleasure, we are all over them, we cuddle up, we caress them and shower our love while we run through them.....just watch a tree after it has rained .... It’s beaming with joy.

It's all fine till here, but a little different when we encounter humans, as of late they have augmented adjectives like emotion, fake, hypocrisy: honestly it isn’t that real these days, but for children.

They make us proud when they greet us with open mouth and bright faces, wide open palms and closed eyes. Those innocent souls appreciate us in the true sense of the word, and we too are more than keen to oblige them.

And before it all ends we do leave a lesson for all, be it a drop which was absorbed in a pond or a drop which glittered like a diamond on a leaf, it was a drop in the beginning and remains a drop till the end : it is ironical that people chose to learn the converse….pun intended.

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