Saturday, February 13, 2010

A day in the life of Love ..huh..!

Whenever I come to think of Valentine’s Day, every year and ever since, it seems as if it is the most “emotionally felt” day.

It’s the day, for all who are in love or who think so, it’s also for those who are not in love and for those who want to be in love, also for the “moral police” and for the self claimed guardians of “culture”, it’s a day for journalists and reporters and for all those who watch……pretty heavily populated show with huge audience base, I would say.

Also it’s also a day of saying yes, or no, to say sorry or may be just simply s-a-y….something or just about anything.

It’s not only the celebrations that come to my mind, I tend to think of those temporal portable card carts replete with pictures of just one organ and in just one color. I also think of card shops enjoying best profits, florists running out of roses, venues for a romantic dinner over-booked or just about any other innovative form of manifestation of this intriguing chemical reaction in us...... Must be a tough time for all those who aren’t eligible to buy a card or a rose or do a booking. Nonetheless I am sure there must be a classified gentry who would still do the shopping without any intention of transaction………. “sensitive-optimistic-hoarders” ……….:)

It could well be a day of miracles, or a day of second chances, or even a day for the first timers, it could as well be a day of last chances. One could be surrounded with people today, one could be all by one’s self, or it might be just two of them.

It’s a day of all those whose love is reciprocated and those whose is not requited, yet. It’s a day of confessions, asking questions and seeking answers.

Eventually, the nature of sketch lines on ones face would be determined by the amount of faith one has shown in others intelligence and comprehension, the less one has better it is, because its this faith in others ability which saves so many love stories from coming to being, bilaterally, of course. Else they are literally aborted and the pain is duly inflicted.