Monday, February 8, 2010

Check and Mate and the King.

Majestic is the word for them. They are sure fear-worthy, but such is the magic around them when one sees them still or move, one is like hypnotized or dumbstruck.

Their reputation often precedes them. Amazing presence they have, we borrow its name to depict the element of strength and royalty, we have been naming our kids or teams after them. Their name is an attitude and a lifestyle in itself.

They have expansive territories, extending up to 100 square mile, no one can dare trespass. They carry a special mark on their forehead, similar to the ones worn by kings. Actually they are the king of their lands. Following their footsteps is the closest we can get to them, of course, in all fairness.

Though they are born blind but after some time their night vision is six times better than ours and the magnificent stripes they wear is pretty remarkable, beautiful and unique too, much like finger print is to us. And they are right at the top of what probably matters or should matter most to us, arguably, The Food Chain.

Don’t we all know it starts with a Tiger….!

Tiger is an umbrella species, which means, to save the tiger we need to protect its habitat and its prey, essentially, the complete food chain. And the converse is also true……no tiger - no food chain…which essentially terminates at us. So one need not be clairvoyant to see if we put in to save tiger we are doing our bit to save ourselves……unless we are very sure about December, 2012.

So, is it like do we need a selfish motive every time…..well yes may be….!

But the Tiger is dying.

Today the situation is critical, mind you, it’s not that new facts have come into being, it’s just that a shockingly insignificant number, numerically, has been stated now, 1411. Not decades before, they were being poached at a deadly rate of one kill a day. And the most convenient truth is that, a tiger has only one predator…..MAN.

Or probably that is the fate of National "things" our country.

National sport---- Hockey (dying).
National flower--- Better known as a political symbol.
National fruit---- Mango (best variety exported)

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