Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You.

"May I come in teacher", he asked, with his one hand stretched out, and the other, behind his back. She, like a perfect teacher, chose not to be disturbed in her work, carried on with her lecture, just caring enough to suggest him to come in. He in absolute guilt, his head down as he walked to his designated seat, right in the back. Perpetual back-bench-er he was, just by the location though. Through out the lecture, he could not dare to look at her, at least when she was looking at his part of the class.

She was her favorite teacher, so much that it never occurred to him that this needs to be certified. So even when he did not look at her, listening to her was just very fine with him. Being late for her class, was bothering him a little to much. It was something he would never let it happen, but it did.

Being late for the class should not have been a cause of a serious bother, but if one were him, one could have lost his sleep and appetite to it.

Apologizing for the late coming, was absolutely not required and neither it was expected, in the normal course of conduct. But he was already working out possibility and opportunity to apologize. She was his favorite. He was annoyed that he was late, and more so, late for her class. But he was defense less this time.

It took him a little more than he thought to get something for her.

He has been working on this assignment almost for a week now. He was just not very sure, how it should be, eventually. After-all, it turned out to be a card made out of paper, with some color pens, and some delicate writing, inked purely by thoughts and an assortment of emotions. And finally, when it was the day to present it to her, he was late.

Throughout the lecture his brain was stormed by the thoughts of the card, the delay, and other similar derivative thoughts. All this time, while he invested so much effort and time into the preparation of this card he simply did not care for any proportionate reciprocation, it never crossed his mind.

The lecture ended on its time. And the bell rang. On a normal course of action, the sound of the bell would have set students on a stroll, but in her class no one moved, and fear was certainly not the reason. It was something else. She said, "You can leave, if you want to". Still no one did. So She said, "I have some work, I think I should stay here and finish it, unless you want me to go to the staff-room and do it". Everybody started to leave. She had her own style, a unique one. As everyone was leaving, she said to him, "Can you come here". It was like his complete soul replied in affirmation. She said, "I know why were you late and that is just fine". He asked in astonishment, "You knew ?". This time she asked, without any smile, "So, what have you brought me for the Teacher's Day ?". He shyly brought the card out, handed it over to her. He could not even utter "Happy Teacher's Day" properly, while she said, "Thank you" and left the class. It was the last class of the day, the day at the school had ended.

Back at home his mother asked, "Why are you so very late today, is everything all right". In reply, all he could do was smile. He smiled.


  1. It is an absolute pleasure to read this.
    You are a master of what you do, write.

    I just wish I could actually meet you some time.

  2. Beautiful... would i be going too far if i guess it to be true and your's....
    the teacher's statement and aura does sound a lot like mom.......

    and i know i might never get an answer to this question of mine.... :)
    no issues, have learnt (or at least trying) to live with it.......