Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was walking fast,
Yes, I had missed my break-fast,

Sure something was on my mind,
May be the situation wasn't too kind,

While walking, everything in view was scanned,
I really wished why wasn't all that canned.

Suddenly something my eye caught,
It was as beautiful as a thought.

Everything about it was near perfect,
And neither did I had an eye for any defect,

It was all beautifully woven,
I could tell the touch would have been silken,

The important Diary in my hand,
Took no time to reach the ground,

Embarrassed, I looked down, for a while,
It was then she chose to smile.

Though I missed that,
May be I was timed to miss that,
But what I caught ,
was more important than that.

I did noticed her unfinished smile,
It was sure an opportunity to beguile.

Though she got me flustered...
And with all the courage I could muster..
All I chose to do was smile shyly...
She too couldn't keep herself from it, eventually.

And yes, it was this short and sweet..!!

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