Saturday, September 4, 2010


Some-one can bear the pain equivalent to breaking 20 bones in a body,
and end it with a smile of genuine happiness.
For long, it wasn't quantified as such,
and all we knew was, that it pains a lot.....
well, that much...unimaginable..!!

That's when we are born.

And guess, what...half of human population, almost, does that.

Somebody with that much power and courage,
choose to maintain such a "low-profile", is a little hard to reason.
They are or may be they are made vulnerable or probably we are simply basking in the illusion of dominance over them.
And they too have no qualms about it, or perhaps they have allowed us to remain in such illusion so as to reduce the "noise" from the system.

It is them who told us what is beauty,
It is them who who taught us duty.

From them we learned, almost everything,
To them we owe, almost everything.

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