Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gravity Pulls....!

Our Weight...

There are people : who are apparently attached, relatively, more to the ground while other are not so much.

There are times : when one feels rather light, upbeat and up in the air and also when one feels heavy, as is the heart and so are the feet.

Every time one does an act justifying all the rationalities, an act which has helped one earn some real satisfaction, it adds more value and weight to one's self and one becomes more attached to the ground.

In due course of time, test and life, different forces try to sweep you off your feet, depending upon ones "weight" and one's will, one gets displaced or not. As in a normal gathered sense this displacement isn't just change in a situation or circumstance but it does has two effects, one, one looses some value earned (read weight) and two, one gets pushed a little behind the line, where one originally was.

Its all a part of the game which we and life play with each other.
Which side of the line we are, depends only on us.

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