Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fascination with Reality.

Reality fascinates, it does.

Not long before reality shows had the major chunk of audience, until it was grotesquely over done, then followed by big screen to its grave.

What people do in real life and real time is probably the primary question to which we seek the answers…ironically though. How could we be so anxious and inquisitive about something which comes to any of us most naturally? We and people around us still get angry or happy, they do go quite or jubilant, they still fight or even cry….so what is the big deal..?

The answer probably reflects the very horrors of reality in its literal sense.
The logic is simple, what one has, generally, is not enough to fascinate one, majorly it’s about what one doesn’t has. Emotional stimulus of people is pretty much adulterated, we have acquired the skill set of projecting the appropriate emotional response under specific circumstances to an extent that we almost command them, rather it being a natural and peripheral adornment to one’s honest reaction. We are a victim of our own lies. It is like, the more one fakes it, the more one looses it.

It could probably win a few situations, but the damage one does to one’s self is beyond repair. Because if it is natural, it will come anyway, but when one starts ensuring one’s convenience it could happen that one is bereft when one needs it most, and the worst part is that one wouldn’t even realize the miss, as a quick alternative would be around.

Don’t know for how long it has been in use, don’t know for how long it will be used, but one thing is for sure the more one uses it more used to it one becomes. It ruins so many relationships, so many lives, so many dreams, so many expectations….but the practice goes on……a wonderful working solution…somebody said.

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